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IOTA Founder Reveals Bold Vision to Revitalize the Tangle: Making ‘Tangle Great Again’


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David Sønstebø advocates for increased transparency and community involvement amid turbulent times for IOTA.
Concrete actions, including publishing a transparency report and amplifying community voices in critical decisions, are proposed.

In the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, IOTA’s recent challenges have seized the spotlight, particularly among influential figures in the crypto sphere. Amid concerns and uncertainties surrounding IOTA’s trajectory, David Sønstebø, its co-founder, has stepped forward with a comprehensive roadmap geared toward rebuilding trust in both IOTA and its sister project, Shimmer.

Key to this strategy is an emphasis on community participation, transparent communication, and decisive leadership actions. A tweet that draws our attention by Collin Brown @CollinBrownXRP aptly encapsulates Sønstebø’s intentions, serving as a cornerstone for this unfolding story.

The Need for Clarity and Transparency

Recent statements and commitments, such as the vague assertion of “UAE being on board” with IOTA, have led to pressing questions: What does this partnership entail? Is there a solidified plan for IOTA to integrate into the UAE’s digital initiatives? For the community’s trust to be restored, such claims require substantial backing and elucidation. Ambiguous declarations, devoid of supporting evidence, only serve to dilute the community’s faith.

Clarity is similarly demanded regarding the ecosystem contributors, notably those in line to receive substantial funds. Their identities, roles, and specific contributions remain shrouded in mystery. As decisions are seemingly made with increasing haste, a comprehensive understanding of these contributors becomes essential. Without such clarity, the community’s foundational trust risks erosion.

Sønstebø underscores the urgency for leadership accountability. While current leaders acknowledge their roles in the present scenario, there’s a palpable absence of tangible corrective measures. Past board decisions, seemingly overlooked, resulted in avoidable complications. To rectify this, leadership reshuffling, or at the very least, board expansion with community-backed members, is vital.

Harnessing the Power of the Community

Despite perceptions of overshadowed opinions, the IOTA community remains a formidable force in shaping the project’s future direction. Their pivotal role is accentuated by legal frameworks, especially those under German jurisdiction. With their endorsement, IOTA’s current phase can potentially metamorphose into a long-term, positive overhaul.

A pressing concern is the prioritization of unidentified contributors set to receive tokens. Their precedence over long-standing IOTA supporters raises eyebrows. Addressing these issues is paramount, with the first steps being to bolster the existing ecosystem and rectify leadership missteps.

Drawing inspiration from the aforementioned tweet, Sønstebø’s suggested measures are as follows:

Transparency Report: A comprehensive report detailing stakeholders, legal assurances, and financial exchanges.
Community’s Voice: Let the community decide on funding percentages and lock-up durations.
Recognizing IOTA Stalwarts: Prioritize funding for established IOTA players.
Board Reinforcements: Induct a minimum of two community members onto the board.
Engage with Oversight: Host an AMA with the Supervisory Board, ensuring clarity, responsibility, and shared perspectives.

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