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Vivek Ramaswamy Doesn’t Want To Be Trump’s Vice President: ‘I Would Not Take That Job’


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Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Vivek Ramaswamy, recently dismissed climate change and white supremacy as not being America’s most pressing issues during an interview.

What Happened: Ramaswamy, in a conversation with ABC News, on Monday, brushed off the idea of being a Vice Presidential pick for former President Donald Trump in case the former U.S. leader gets the party’s 2024 nomination. His ambition is to unite the country as its next president.

“I’ve said it in multiple forums that I would not take that job,” Ramaswamy said in the ABC interview. He was open to having Trump as an adviser though.

“I’ll take him as my mentor, an adviser.”

Ramaswamy dubbed the climate change movement as a “hoax.” While he accepted the fact of global warming, he maintained that he wouldn’t take measures to address this environmental issue if elected president. Instead, he would concentrate on “human adaptation and mastery of changes in the climate through technological advances.”

The GOP aspirant also denied that white supremacy is a major problem in America. While concurring that racism exists, he stated it doesn’t rank among the top 50 issues in the US. Ramaswamy has been open about his conviction that the focus on race is counterproductive, advocating instead for a colorblind meritocracy.

“Of course racism exists, but I do not think it is a top 50 problem in the United States of America,” said Ramaswamy, according to the report. He added, “I want to end all of this violence. But the part of the problem is we’re fostering more animus.”

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Why It Matters: Ramaswamy, a self-proclaimed “Second Amendment absolutist,” has previously voiced his belief that convicted felons should have the right to bear arms, as per a Benzinga report from September 2023.

His foreign policy plans, particularly regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict and US-China relations, have been labeled as “criminally stupid” and “utterly disqualifying” by Fox News pundit, Marc Thiessen.

Moreover, former National Security Adviser John Bolton compared Ramaswamy to former President Trump, particularly in their shared stance on Ukraine. Bolton stated, “I think Ramaswamy reminds me an awful lot of Donald Trump,” in a September 2023 interview.

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