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Which Is the Better Deal: Microsoft 365 Apps for Business or Enterprise?


The Microsoft 365 apps enable a wide range of business activities, such as communications and productivity. Companies can use them to increase the efficiency of their workforce.

With that in mind, we want to look at the differences between Microsoft 365 Apps for Business vs Enterprise. That way, you can find the right solution for your needs.

Let’s take a look.

Features and Functionality

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business and Enterprise are both excellent offerings for businesses looking to streamline their operations and collaborate more efficiently. The two differ in features and functionality, as Microsoft 365 Apps for Business offers cloud-based storage for business documents and files. Plus, it comes with productivity tools like:


It provides tools for planning, email, calendaring, scheduling, business intelligence, and more. Enterprise, on the other hand, includes all the Apps for Business features, plus advanced features like:

advanced security
ransomware protection
data protection
unlimited storage
Windows Virtual Desktop

It has more extensive collaboration tools and insights tailored for larger enterprises. Ultimately for most businesses, Microsoft 365 Apps for Business is the better deal since its features are adequate for their needs, and the price point is more suitable for smaller companies.

Scalability and Customization

When it comes to scalability and customization, Microsoft 365 Apps for Business and Enterprise both offer a great service. The business option has a low barrier to entry and is useful for organizations of any size. It offers cloud-based solutions to help scale quickly, including Office 365, which can be accessed from anywhere.

On the other hand, the Enterprise version offers the same cloud-based solution but with additional add-ons. It is mainly tailored for larger companies or companies that need more advanced customization and features.

The additional add-ons, such as common libraries, shared themes, and advanced analytics, can save a lot of time and money. At the end of the day, it is up to the user to decide which product is best for their company.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business and Enterprise plans offer differing levels of protection. The Enterprise plan offers more robust security, such as:

identity and access management
greater data protection
identity protection
threat prevention

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business also provides security and compliance; however, it does not include advanced identity and access management, and its data protection coverage is somewhat limited as compared to the Enterprise plan.

Ultimately, for businesses looking for the most secure experience, the Enterprise plan is probably the better bet. It offers the most comprehensive security and compliance features and the deepest level of protection.

Pricing and Warranty

When it comes to Microsoft 365 business pricing, it is much more affordable compared to Microsoft 365 Enterprise. As far as warranty goes, Microsoft 365 Enterprise comes with a full Enterprise Software Assurance warranty.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business does not include a warranty. Ultimately, which deal is better depends on the size and needs of an organization. If you run a larger business and would go for the enterprise version, make sure to view this managed IT company and get some support you need in taking advantage of the system.

Learn to Choose Between Microsoft 365 Apps for Business vs. Enterprise

When comparing Microsoft 365 Apps for Business vs. Enterprise, you’ll find varying criteria and packages that best fit many individuals and companies. After considering the features and business size, the user can determine which product is the better deal.

Business owners would benefit from scheduling an online personal consultation with a Microsoft representative. This will help you find the perfect product for your organization’s needs.

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